Frequently Asked Questions

Who selects the tenant?

We do. Management companies are governed by Federal and State Fair Housing Laws. We have established criteria we use to select tenants. Some of the primary factors are: credit score and history, criminal records, past rental history (including an nationwide eviction search), and proof of income. We consult with you when it comes to pets or any other special circumstances that a potential tenant may bring up.

Who do I call when I need help or have questions?

If you are an owner, you can always visit your Owner Portal for a summary on your property, or you may call our office at (702) 990.0808. If you are a tenant, and you need to place a work order for maintenance, you may visit your Tenant Portal to do so, or call (702) 430.8527, our 24/7 maintenance line.

When will I receive my rent money each month?

The tenant’s rent is due on the 1st of each month, and they have until the 3rd to pay without penalties. Assuming rent is paid on time, the owner draw is sent out on the 10th of each month (unless the 10th is a weekend or holiday). You receive updates from us regarding any truant rent amounts. We recommend that all owners be ahead one month in their mortgage payment or savings to avoid panic or stress if there is a late rent situation. A summary of information regarding your rental income is always available online through the Owner Portal.

What happens when my property needs repair?

Any repair or maintenance costing less than $200 is completed by a certified vendor of Marshall Stearns Property Management and deducted out of rent. Any repair costing more than $200 requires your approval. Regardless of the cost of the repair, we attempt to notify you directly via email when a maintenance issue arises. Whenever possible, we contact an owner’s home warranty company first if a policy number and phone number have been provided.

What is covered in the management fee?

Our monthly management fees include: property showings, tenant screening, executing leases, collecting rent, distribution of rent (including payment to vendors for any maintenance costs), coordinating move-ins and move-outs, facilitating tenant and owner communication, monthly financial statements, and initiation of the eviction process (does not include costs related to filing fees, posting fees, legal, and court costs).

Is it okay for an owner to have contact with a tenant?

Mostly because of the complex laws governing landlords and tenants, it’s important that all communication goes through us. Some tenants are known to take advantage of owners when they find an opportunity.

What about HOA violations?

We give the tenant a copy of the CC&Rs and the Rules & Regulations to help protect you from receiving violations. It is highly recommended that you ask the HOA to forward all correspondence regarding your property to Marshall Stearns Property Management for the quickest and most efficient resolution. If your HOA will not recognize us as a point of contact, you can simply forward all notices in a timely manner, and we will contact the tenant to resolve the issue.